Mindful EatingBusy professionals often attribute stubborn extra pounds to an ultra busy professional life or an incredibly hectic travel schedule that leaves no time to focus on fitness.  But, what if you could use your mind to change your body, without a trip to the gym?

It is possible says researcher at the University of California, San Francisco.  Study participants learned mindfulness practices that helped them recognize negative feelings and how to resist the urge to eat for comfort.  They lost pounds, inches and dangerous belly fat.  They learned how to tune in to physical sensations to eat based on awareness rather than a reflexive response to stress.

Mindfulness can also be used to help you slow down rather than gobbling down your food.  Often times we rush to eat another fork full of what is already in our mouth – lessening the overall experience and enjoyment that comes from consuming something we love.  This is where being “present” comes in handy.  Take the time to taste what’s in your mouth.  Notice how it feels on the tastebuds that are tuned into different tastes like sweet, savory, salty or sour.  Is it crunchy, chewy, soft or tongue coating?  If your teeth are required, chew until all the flavor has gone and then take the next bite.

Slowing down also gives your brain a chance to catch up with your mouth.  It’s not just your stomach that signals that you’re full, the brain also plays an important role.  The brain tends to react more slowly.   Although this is not the only factor in losing weight, mindful eating is one tool in your toolbox that is always available to you.

Make mindfulness a part of your success strategy.  It can help you shed pounds, reduce your stress level and help you make positive conscious choices, at work and at home.

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