Teressa Moore Griffin, CEO & Founder, Spirit of Purpose

Teressa Moore Griffin, M. Ed. is an executive coach, author, radio personality, online media thought leader and speaker.  She is certified in several coaching methods, and is a qualified user of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the DiSC Personal Profile system.  Her “Office Talk” radio reports air daily on KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia.  Her insightful articles appear weekly on WorkingMother.com.

Driven by a commitment to self-awareness and personal growth, Teressa is particularly skilled at helping others clarify who they are by uncovering their strengths.  She has taught hundreds of clients how to succeed by recognizing and acknowledging their unique gifts, identifying their personal goals and eliminating beliefs that limit their success and satisfaction.

Corporate Connections

Since 1987, Teressa has worked with a growing number of international companies, supporting the growth and success of their current and emerging c-level executives.

Teressa started her career in pharma and has continued to coach healthcare executives at companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Forest Laboratories, as well as physicians at Drexel University and NYU Langone.  She has expanded into other fields, working with tech executives at Alibaba, financial services executives at American Express and Merrill Lynch, energy industry leaders at Consolidate Edison and Texaco, and with leadership at large non-profits like the United Negro College Fund.

Coaching Expertise & Experience

Teressa works with individuals, small and large groups who are looking to break through obstacles — real or perceived —  that stand between them and their personal life or career goals.  In her book “LIES That Limit,” she provides the compelling reason that so many people fail to achieve their dreams.  LIES™ — an acronym for Labels, Illusions, Excuses & Stories — have a paralyzing affect that can only be addressed once they are brought out in to the open.  That is when breakthroughs happen, when real truths tackle the fears placed in our hearts by well-meaning loved ones and associates.  Tearing down limiting LIES is at the heart of Teressa’s personal coaching approach.

Through practices like Gestalt Coaching, Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, Core Energetics and more, Teressa has an extensive array of tools that allow her to customize a solution with the individual in mind.

Inspiring Speaker

Teressa will leave a lasting impact on the people in your organization.  She has presented at the Corporate State Canada Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia, Working Mother Media’s DC Town Hall, Washington, DC, The African American Chamber of Commerce, New York, NY, NJ Governor’s Conference for Women, the Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers in Pittsburgh, PA and the National Sales Network’s Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

She has also spoken for smaller groups like local eWomen Network chapters, local chapters of the Society of Human Resource Managers, the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Forum, Cape May County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Breakfast and the Atlantic County Advisory Commission on Women.

Other Credentials

She is a graduate of Arcadia University, Boston University, and the Institute for Core Energetics. She is also a member of the National Training Laboratories Institute (NTL), the Organization Development Network, The Women’s Leadership Collaboration, The Future Search Network, The Power and Systems Network and The United States Association of Body Psychotherapists.  Teressa is a former adjunct faculty member of The American University and The Institute for Core Energetics, a certified Organization Workshop trainer and a Core Energetics Therapist.

She holds a number of certifications and continues to study new ways to guide people through the journey of self-discovery, enlightenment and successful goal achievement.

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