Employee burnout, which was a pre-pandemic concern, was exacerbated over the last 14 months as workers navigated complex and challenging circumstances, to keep business afloat.

But change is afoot.  Korn Ferry says, now, nearly 80% of workers surveyed say they plan to use more vacation time this year.  They plan to really disengage and check-in with the office less, if at all.

So, if your company is experiencing an abundance of vacation requests, you’re not alone.  Employees want more time to focus on personal priorities, such as family, personal health and wellbeing.  Attitudes are shifting.  Some give colleagues and customers advance notice so pressing matters can be handled prior to their departure.  Others make it clear they are unplugging and will not check-in until their return to the office.  Managers and leaders will have to adjust to this new dynamic, especially if they want to keep the workers they have.