According to Gallup, by 2025, Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce.  They will be the majority of the rank and file and hold the majority of leadership positions. This bodes well for companies that are embracing diversity and inclusiveness.  

Gallup contributors Camille Patrick and Ella Washington say Millennials are uniquely positioned to advance this workplace evolution for three reasons.  

They are connected.  Instantaneous access to the Internet exposes them to a broader definition of diversity.  

They’re unconstrained. Millennials are more comfortable with uncomfortable conversations.  Diversity and bias are among the sensitive topics they find it easy to discuss.  

They’re idealistic.  They envision a world and workplace where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.  As such, this is likely how they will lead. Consider letting them play a part in leading your company’s evolution, now.