Over the course of my life, I’ve restricted the flow of my creativity.  I’ve done so in numerous ways.  By not laughing and playing enough.  By always being serious.  By being appropriate and well mannered, always too conventional.  By resisting the whisperings of intuition and the gut-feeling guidance of Spirit – that energy that animates us all. 

Over the years, I uncovered another way I have crimped the full, free flow of my creativity as expressed through my wants and desires. I’ve curtailed my wants, desires and ambitions to diminish my sense of being different.  I did so to feel comfortable, to fit in with those around me.  I lived on the fringe, hiding out, trying to appear average, normal, one of the crowd and, certainly, not be labeled too much, too ambitious.    

If I verbalized an intention of landing a big contract, redefining the work I do, redecorating my home, buying a new car, or taking an extended vacation to a new place, those around me would chastise and correct me.  Their message, “You are so blessed and fortunate.  What more do you want?” It sounded like a question, but it wasn’t really a request for information. It was a transmittal of information, a clear message that said, “Don’t be so greedy.  You already have enough.  Don’t want so much.”  

For a long time, I felt embarrassed and guilty about my endless string of desires, ambitions and ideas of things I wanted to try out, ways to improve in my life and the world around me. Whenever I think, “Maybe they’re right,” even for a moment, I compromise my flow and dam my creative channel.

Nowadays what occurs to me is, “No, they are not right.  They can’t be right about my life, only their own.  I’m the authority in my life.”  I remind myself to ignore their criticism and unwarranted guidance.  No longer do I allow their limiting LIES to become mine.  I have a choice.  I choose to use my power to give birth to the gifts and glorious ideas that flow into my awareness.  I take center stage in my life and call forth my creativity to make all that I touch better for me, and I hope for others.

For more about keeping others from dampening your creativity, read my book, “LIES That Limit:  Uncover the Truth of Who You Really Are.