Organization and Leadership Development

A growing list of U.S. and international companies and educational institutions call on Teressa Moore Griffin to strengthen their seasoned and emerging leaders.  She is adept at identifying leadership challenges and weaknesses, and following up with targeted, evidence-based tools that improve productivity through building trust and creating organization-wide alignment.  Learn more.




Inspiring Speaker

Teressa’s speaking topics are timely, thought-provoking and transformational.  Emotional intelligence and conscious choice are at the heart of her message.  As a speaker or a facilitator, she uses practical stories, proven tips and exercises that address today’s most pressing business needs.  Learn more.




Using tools like 360 Feedback, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC, Teressa provides honest assessments that help business leaders understand their impact, how they are perceived and enhance their ability to inspire others to succeed.  Coaching goals are designed around tackling each person’s unique obstacles and sharpening the critical skills that accelerate their journey to the top.  Learn more.


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