Are you fatigued, overwhelmed, burned out?  Packing every available work-from-home minute with meetings and tasks?  Feeling like you need a break?  You’re not alone.

Most of us had more natural breaks in our workday pre-COVID.  From our commute to and from the workplace; to walking from one meeting to the next; to taking the elevator or stairs to the next floor; to running out to grab coffee or lunch; or, for those on a big campus, walking or taking the jitney between buildings – these activities create a sense of movement and transition.  They give us a break from monotony and sameness. 

If you miss these organic energetic shifts, intentionally create your own.  Literally schedule breaks.  Stand during meetings and tasks.  Walk and talk.  Sit outside and work.  Move to a different space for an hour or a day.  Create movement and transitions.  

Changing things up helps!