If you’re sitting at your desk, or standing at your workstation, doing the minimum, hoping the day will end soon, too bad!  You’re dying a slow death, and you’re contributing to the demise of your employer. 

Anyone can have a temporary slump.  You just don’t have much energy and, in a way, you don’t even care.  You feel low, less creative and unproductive.  Low periods, in brief episodes, are part of the rhythm of life.  But, if this quality of energy becomes more characteristic than it is the exception, your job performance and relationships will suffer.  Intended or not, you are disempowering yourself and dishonoring your potential. 

You can turn around a temporary slump by attending to your energy.  Movement can boost your mood.  Take a stroll down the hall or a walk around the block.  Or just simply sit up straight.  A quick adjustment to your posture can reignite you, making you more productive and self-assured. 

If what’s really happening is that your mind and spirit are calling for a bigger life change, the time to seek it is now, rather than waiting for undesired, forced change to be the driver.  

Change is natural.  It is a constant that touches every one and every thing.  Resisting or ignoring it knocks your energy out of line with your actions and emotions.  That struggle can send you into a negative spiral that’s physically and mentally damaging.  

Mindfully chart a path to the future you want with an honest self check.  Take the time to carefully think about your next moves – be they in the workplace or your personal life.  

Lasting change starts with reflection.  Look back at what has brought you joy.  Of what are you most proud?  What has made you feel good deep down?  How did you help someone else right their ship?  Acknowledge the good you’ve done and experienced, then make a plan to seek out more of it.  Even if the big change doesn’t happen immediately, your attitude will improve when you empower yourself by taking control of your destiny.  

Your good vibes and positive attitude will not only fill your own reservoir, they will make a difference to everyone around you.