Did you know that those great Steve Jobs presentations that launched so many iconic products were rehearsed over and over?  Jobs didn’t just read from a teleprompter; he embodied his message. Follow his example and you’ll make great presentations, effortlessly.  To support you, here are three tips from the Harvard Business Review.  

  • Practice under mild stress. In addition to practicing in the mirror, rehearse in front of a small audience to prepare for the emotions you’ll feel behind the microphone.  
  • Ask for feedback.  Your audience can clue you in to mannerisms that don’t serve you well, or provide helpful tips you can incorporate into your presentation.
  • Record your rehearsal. Use that smartphone to capture your actual delivery. Prop it up against some book and press record.  Watching yourself in action will help you catch and fix distracting habits like fidgeting, too many “ums” or “likes” or flipping hair.