What did you accomplish last year?  Do you know?  Have you given this question serious thought?

Before you set about working on your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions, stop for a moment.  Reflect on 2010 and acknowledge what you accomplished.  Too often, we rush from one list of actions and “must dos” to the next.  No wonder we frequently feel as if we’re not doing enough or not doing well enough.

So before you turn your full attention to the physical or mental list of commitments you’ve made, reflect on and review the closing year’s journey.

  • What do you feel pleased about?
  • What are you proud of?
  • In what ways or situations did you feel satisfied with the experiences you gave yourself in 2010?
  • What did you do or experience that made you feel good deep down?
  • What did you do to help another know their strength and power? Who did you give a boost when their confidence faltered or as they walked through a rough patch in their life?

Give attention to the road you travelled last year and thank yourself for all that you did that served you and others.

Whatever the quality of your year, focus on what you learned, the ways in which you stretched and grew, the joy you felt, and the love and compassion you shared.

Make a list of everything – large and small – that comes to mind.  Review your list with a sense of self-appreciation and gratitude for all that you embodied, embraced, accomplished or contributed.

Sit silently and send appreciative thoughts to those who played a role in making your 2010 as good as it was – whether filled with sparkling achievements, moments of warm connection, or constant challenges and struggles.

Bring forward all that helps you feel strong and more clear about who you really are and what your unique purpose or calling is.  Then, reconnect with your 2011 resolutions.  Will they help you live in a way that’s true to the call of your Spirit and sense of Purpose?   If the answer is, “Yes,” move forward with haste.  If the answer in your head and/or heart is, “No,” or “Not really,” stop, assess and start again.

The best resolutions – the ones we’re most likely to fulfill and feel fulfilled by – are the ones that both our hearts and minds say, “Yes,” to – the ones that strengthen our connection to Spirit and our particular Purpose.

Reflect before you resolve to act.  Get your head and heart aligned and working in service to your Spirit of Purpose.

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