For nearly everyone, there comes a moment when you know it’s time to make a move.  You may be ready to move up to the next level, make a lateral move into a new functional area to broaden your experience, jump into a new industry or company and apply your skills, or do something entirely different from your work in previous roles.

Your response to these statements will shed light on your readiness for a change.

  • You’ve stopped learning and growing.  There are no opportunities to add to your skills and you feel a persistent call from within to keep growing.
  • You consistently feel de-energized and disinterested.  Daily, you feel exhausted and disengaged.  You’re bored, unchallenged and stagnating.
  • You’re not aligned with your company’s direction.  Given recent reorganizations, or a change in direction or business practices, there’s a values mismatch.
  • You’re not using your strengths.  Nor are you making the quality of contribution of which you feel your capable.

If you see yourself in one or more of these scenarios, you’re ready to make a move.

Start the process by conducting an honest check-in with yourself.  Make sure all parts of you – your mind, body and emotions – approve of your decision and plans.  If any part disagrees, you’re likely to struggle with moving forward.

Carefully think through this important step and make sure your decision makes rational, practical sense, and that it emotionally feels like a “YES!”  When it comes to important choice points in your life, never make half-hearted, hasty moves.  If your energy and intentions are not congruent, wait!  When your head and heart have not both consented, you’ll be working against yourself.  Progress will become a real challenge.

Work through your concerns to achieve clarity about what to do next.  Align your energy and intentions – your thoughts and feelings.  Take time to explore the LIES – the Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories – that make up an invisible, yet powerful barrier that will hold you back.  Wait for the moment when your head and heart say, “Yes!”  Then, make a solid plan and go for it.

LIES That Limit: Uncover the Truth Of Who You Really Are will help guide you through getting your energy and intentions aligned – your mind, body and emotions all in synch – so that you make important decisions with greater clarity and confidence.

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