Sabrina & Erick

Sabrina’s Story:  In 1988, Sabrina Umstead Smith lost her husband in an apartment fire.  She almost died herself.  The baby she was carrying at the time was born with underdeveloped lungs and cerebral palsy due to oxygen deprivation.  Three years later, her young son, Erick, succumbed to his medical disabilities.  As part of her emotional healing, she founded Erick’s Place which, among other things, donates brand new pajamas to chronically and terminally ill children.  Sabrina also offers resources for healing through

Today, she provides us with these beautiful words of motivation and inspiration.


Dream  In Action

By Sabrina Umstead Smith

Sabrina Maria

Sabrina Umstead Smith
Founder, Erick’s Place

“Life is just a minute only sixty seconds in it, forced upon you, can‘t refuse it. Didn‘t seek it, didn‘t choose it, but It‘s up to you to use it. You must suffer if you lose it, give an account if you abuse it, just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.”
                      ~ Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Today.  NOW is all we really have, tomorrow is not promised.  As I look over my life’s journey I see accomplishment, failure, disappointment and growth, so much growth. How did I get here? It started with a thought. A thought that would not go away and it made me say, “where is that coming from?” “Can I really do that?”

That still small voice inside my head (GOD) started giving me directions on what to do next.  I listened and followed. Many times I thought to myself: “this is crazy.  Am I really doing this?”

Now, TODAY almost seven years later, I look back and see how far I’ve come and what amazing accomplishments I’ve made. Each one of us has a unique stamp to share with the world. And deep inside there is that voice reminding us of our purpose, encouraging us to move forward and share it with the world.  Purposely make it happen.

TODAY, take the time to listen to the small voice inside of you that is saying: Write the book, start the business, write the blog post. Because TODAY, in these sixty seconds, you are shifting from DREAM to ACTION.

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