Office Talk: Millennials

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Millennials, those 18 to 35 year old workers, look for purpose and a sense of meaning in their work and lives.

Here is one simple suggestion for helping this growing and important segment of your workforce feel more engaged and valued:

Talk with them about the company’s vision, strategy and goals.  Point how what they do, day-to-day, supports the successful execution of the company’s business strategy and moves it closer to its desired future… the fulfillment of its vision.  Give them a clear line of sight from the big picture – the vision – all the way down to their specific tasks.  Help them see that they are not just a cog, they’re an integral part of what makes the company successful, today and tomorrow.  Help them see how what they do fits into the big picture.

Employees who are connected to their company and its vision and strategy are more engaged contributors.  Help the Millennials in your office find their sense of purpose and meaning.

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