During a dinner conversation, a friend talked about how much she hates the Atlantic City Expressway. She said she never takes it; she hates it. The intensity of her disdain – verbal and nonverbal – for the AC Expressway was palpable. It sat at the table like an undesirable guest determined to ruin a fun evening out. I thought, “Before more of us pile on and begin naming what we hate, let’s change the energy of the conversation.” So, I asked her, “What is it that you like about driving down via Route 30?

Suddenly, her facial expression, tone of voice, posture and word choices changed as she described why she prefers Route 30. With that, the energy at the table shifted from depressing to enjoyable, as she shifted focus from dislike to like.

Shift the focus in your life by spend more time talking about what you like. You’ll feel and be a more positive force.

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