A senior leader asked me to work with him on several challenges, one of which is to how to get his team to be more participative during staff meetings. Of course, he invited me to a staff meeting to witness him in action. Within ten minutes, the problem became crystal clear. He talked too much. He took over every conversation. The unintended impact: in the eyes of his team, he made himself the smartest and most important person in the room. His behavior deadened the energy of the group and sucked the life out of the room.

Remember, as a leader, your job is to take the spotlight off of yourself and create space for member of your team to shine – during staff meetings, meetings with senior management, or on cross-functional teams. Intentionally look for ways to allow your reports to use their knowledge and talents, and to apply their bright ideas to business opportunities and challenges. You’ll help them mature into capable leaders of tomorrow. That’s a KEY part of your job.


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