Are you riding the wave that life has placed under you? Or are you consciously choosing a life that is personally meaningful and fulfilling. If you’re content being carried along by forces seemingly beyond your control, then stay the course. But, if you’re depressed, anxious, struggling to find happiness and purpose, your life is calling for change.

The change you need may be small – like a new hair color or joining the volleyball team at the Y. Or, the change may require a drastic overall of your thoughts and actions. It could mean taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zone or sacrificing familiar creature comforts. But, remember, staying where you are means sacrificing long-term happiness.

To live with intent and not out of habit, Take inventory of your life, your career and your dreams. Reconnect with the things that inspired and motivated you as a child. Push aside some of the obligations foisted upon you by others and search for your unique happiness zone.