Are you preparing for an interview and salary negotiation? Here are ten things says NOT to say if you want the job at the salary you desire.

  1. I have a lot of other companies trying to recruit me.
  2. If you hire me, I’ll be an amazing employee.
  3. I’ll make you glad you hired me — I’ll work weekends or do whatever you want me to do.
  4. I have a lot of expenses.
  5. I work harder than most people.
  6. I was earning more money than this years ago.
  7. I was the top of my class in school.
  8. I’m worth more than the amount you offered me.
  9. I’m insulted by your offer.
  10. If you can’t improve the offer, you won’t get me. Then what will you do?

What do they recommend? Try saying something like, “I’d like to take the job, but we’re a ways apart on salary. I need $X in order to accept. Is this a good time to talk about how we can bridge that gap?”