Here are some unexpected things we do that says can determine whether people judge us as likeable or not.

  • How you treat waiters, receptionists and support staff can provide insight into how you treat people you assume don’t have the power to do anything for you.
  • How often you check your phone. If you do so a lot, you’ll be seen as someone who lacks respect, listening skills and willpower.
  • Being tardy can indicate that you lack respect, that you’re a procrastinator, or maybe even lazy or disinterested.
  • Repetitive, nervous habits broadcast that you’re overwhelmed, not in control, frustrated or bored.
  • How long do you take to answer questions? Hogging the conversation or not asking questions can suggest you’re self-absorbed, a taker.
  • A weak handshake can imply that you’re shy and introverted.
  • Too much eye contact can make you appear aggressive and creepy. Too little signals that you’re not interested, shy or embarrassed.