Big IdeaDo you have a BIG idea – one that will transform your career, your company’s business model, streamline processes, save significant time and money, land you a brand new role or help you branch off and build your own successful enterprise?  Have you put a plan of action in place or are you stalling, plagued by doubt, continuing to play small?

Here are a couple of tips that can help you get out of your own way and break free of self-imposed limitations.

Whenever you talk about your BIG idea, listen for the excuses you make – the reasons you offer for not taking action and moving forward.  Excuses like, “Now is not the right time.”  “I don’t have the money to get started or take the next step.”  “I can’t get the support I need.”

Challenge yourself.  If you’ve been offering the same reasons for a long time, your reason could have become an excuse – a self-imposed story that set up limits and keeps you from taking steps to make your BIG idea reality.

Your task:  stop making excuses.  Instead, set a goal and create a plan of action.  Then, swallow hard and take the first step toward making your BIG idea real.

Keep in mind that many times along your journey to success, doubt and uncertainty will creep in to take you off your game and encourage you to settle for less.  That’s your internal “border patrol” doing its job – which is to keep you locked in your comfort zone.  Once you learn to identify these attempts to derail your progress, you may need to revisit or reset your action plan and again, take another bold step forward.

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