Which Black History month events are you attending? Whatever you do, go with a beginner’s mind. Even if you don’t typically participate in such programs, go with an open, nonjudgmental mindset.  You’re bound to learn something – about yourself, your colleagues or the history of people of African descent in the US.

In fact, here’s an item to add to your learning agenda this year. It’s a short video titled, “Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race.”  Produced by the African American Policy Forum, the 4-minute, animated video presents thought-provoking images and words that speak to the present-day impact of historic racial disparity.

According to the Washington Post, the video has met with some criticism. Nevertheless, it’s worth seeing.  It’s historically accurate and powerful.  Take a look and judge for yourself.  See how it impacts your perspective concerning disparities and privilege.


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