The folks at Mind Tools say an average office worker receives about 80 emails per day. If your message is one of 80, or more, it can get lost in the shuffle.  As creators of solutions, Mind Tools has developed several tips that will help your emails get noticed and answered.

  1. Don’t over-communicate. Write only essential emails. If you need to go back and forth to resolve an issue or answer a question, pick up the phone and call the person.
  2. Use an attention grabbing subject line that captures the essence of your message. If you need a response by a specific date, note the date in the subject line.
  3. Make emails as brief as possible, without sacrificing clarity.   If you have a list of topics to discuss, consider writing a separate email for each topic. That may make it easier for the recipient to respond.
  4. Always be polite and professional. Close with a salutation like, “Best regards,” or “Thank you.”

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