If You’re Not Relevant, Your Job May Not Be Safe

In your company, are you seen as competent and capable? If you’re not asking that question of yourself, you can bet people who count on you to deliver results, or look to you for leadership, are asking it about you.

Here are six questions to self-assess your relevance:

  1. Are you seen as a credible, subject matter expert?
  2. Do others have confidence in your skills and abilities?
  3. Are your capabilities and technological knowledge up to date?
  4. Are you in tune with global dynamics that impact your business?
  5. Do you behave in ways that align with the company’s values and direction?
  6. Is it evident that you’re willing to learn and grow?

It’s increasingly important that all employees keep up with the demands of our rapidly evolving business environment. If you’re not keeping pace, you’re actually falling behind. Even if you plan to retire from your current job, sooner or later, it’s important to stay relevant for as long as you’re there.