Regular One-On-Ones Could Prevent Future Crises

Few leaders have the luxury of exclusively leading people. Typically, leaders have extensive to-do lists of their own. But, as a leader, your highest priority is supporting, motivating, guiding and inspiring the people who report to you. If you’re not already holding regular one-on-ones with key members of your team, here’s what you’re missing out on.

  • You’re missing out on developments within your direct reports’ functional areas.
  • You’re missing out on opportunities to help them link their goals and day-to-day activities to the company’s broader strategic priorities.
  • You’re missing the chance to uncover areas where they need training and opportunities to connect them with developmental tools.
  • You’re missing opportunities to bond with them.
  • You’re also missing the opportunity to hear their concerns before they rise to the level of crisis.

No job exists in a vacuum. So, if your direct reports manage their own teams, encourage them and everyone down the chain to set aside time to connect with their people on a regular basis.