People are human sponges. We take in the personalities of the people we’re close to and mimic their behaviors without knowing it. So it’s important to identify and avoid personalities that don’t serve you well. says these are the five toxic personalities you should be on the lookout for.

  • The Complainer. They whine about everything and do nothing to change their situation.
  • The Entitled. People who feel they’re owed things without working for them.
  • Then there’s The Conformer. They fear going against the status quo and are comfortable within the perceived limits set for them.
  • The Party Animal is fixated on Happy Hour, goes out every night and uses fun to distract you from achieving.
  • Finally, the Doubter. They’ll listen to you dream, but will also be the first to warn you not to get your hopes up.

If you have big plans for yourself, avoid these personality types or at least severely limit the amount of time you spend in their company.