With the constant barrage of emails today, it’s easy to lose sight of habits that could be undermining what you intend to communicate. Business Insider compiled a list of 21 things that can render emails unprofessional.  Here are a few.

Sending “urgent” emails that aren’t “urgent.” Striking an inappropriate tone – like being too casual or too stiff. Replying “ALL” when it’s not necessary. CC’ing without approval or blind CCing, which can imply mistrust.  The dreaded 3am emails can signal that you’re not just a work-a-holic, but that you’re obsessive.

Being snippy is not the best email etiquette.  Keep snarky emails in draft form.  Return to it later with a cooler head. Curtness is also a no-no if you value the relationship.  Also, avoid numerous typos, poor punctuation, unprofessional fonts and being unnecessarily lengthy.

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