There are many challenges when managing up. Among the most difficult is dealing with a boss who is rude to you. Whether it happens in public or in a humiliating, closed-door meeting, here are a few survival tips.

Carefully, but urgently, find out what was behind the incident. It may not be what it appears on the surface. He may be under immense pressure that you’re unaware of, or feeling insecure about his job.

Avoid repaying rudeness with rudeness. Allow time for your emotions to level off and approach her with a positive attitude and hard evidence of the value you bring to the team.

Learn what triggers set off your boss. If you know what to avoid, or when not to bother her, you stand a better chance of staying out of the line of fire.

If the behavior persists, get guidance from someone you trust. If all else fails, document the behavior, report it to HR, and prepare for what might happen if the dynamics of the relationship shift as a result.