Reaction to ChangeWhile the specific ways people react to change vary widely, there are always two components to everyone’s reaction.  One component is their logical reaction and the other, their emotional reaction.

Here are two suggestions that can help you deal with changes in your workplace and life:

  • First, get beneath the headline. Try to understand the change more deeply.  Ask your questions.  What is the change?  Why is it necessary?  What will be different as a result?  How will the change benefit our operation?  Notice your emotions as you probe and listen to the responses you receive.
  • If you feel unsettled, talk the change over with a trusted friend, colleague or senior leader.  Choose someone who will listen to your reaction without trying to convince you that you should feel one way or the other.

Get the facts for fuller understanding and walk through your emotional reaction so you can help others do the same.

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