Intangible soft skills rank high in today’s business world. A recent Fast Company article asks the question: Are they truly in short supply or do interviewers not know how to probe for them? Josh Millet, the article’s author, is CEO of a pre-employment testing software company. He suggests asking these 3 questions to measure soft skills.

  • How did you prepare for this job interview? Millet says this question allows him to gauge attention to detail. Did they Google the company at the last minute or really do their homework. Can the candidate share something they unearthed in their research and weave it into the conversation?
  • Can you tell me more about the job you held a few years ago? This sheds light on critical thinking skills by forcing the candidate to reflect on the way past experiences have shaped who they are today.
  • Finally, Does that make sense? Rather than just answering yes, Millet looks for candidates who summarize what he just shared. The answer to this question can reveal good or poor active listening skills.