When Layoffs Happen, How Do You Manage The Team that Remains?

Headlines say the economy is doing great. Yet, in our ever-changing business landscape, the reality is downsizing and layoffs still happen. If you’ve suddenly found yourself leading a smaller team, Mindtools.com offers these suggestions for moving forward.

  • Don’t preach that people are lucky to have a job. The resulting stress, increased workload and feeling demoralized might not translate into feeling lucky. I’ll add that the message beneath that message could be heard as, “Shut-up, I don’t want to hear it, be grateful or you could be next.”
  • Look for low or no-cost ways to train those that remain. Look to your company’s offerings, as well as online learning options.
  • Communicate what’s positive about taking on new work, like learning valuable new skills and proving they can handle extra responsibilities.
  • Manage expectations among stakeholders concerning the potential impact of the changes on people and productivity.