Yoga is an active form of mindfulness and meditation that reduces stress and anxiety. Studies have found that Yoga not only improves cardiovascular health, digestion, flexibility, balance and overall quality of life, it improves clarity of thought and enhances self-awareness.

Across the US, the number of people practicing Yoga has increased dramatically. A recent survey by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal reports that 36 million Americans are now practicing Yoga – an increase of 50% since 2012. And, three times more adults over 50 are practicing Yoga than four years ago.

The survey also reveals that many people still feel Yoga is not for them. They view it as too exclusive — only for women, the flexible, athletic or the highly spiritual. One of the best things about Yoga is that practicing is personal — not competitive, which opens it up to everyone, no matter your size, age or physical ability. It can be easily modified to meet anyone’s needs.

If you’d like to give meditation a try, look online for FREE yoga videos. The Yoga Journal also offers online classes taught by some of the top people in the field. All you need is a computer, a Yoga mat, comfortable clothes and a quiet space.

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