Americans are less happy today than we were a decade ago. Tom Bemis of Market Watch, says we’re way less than cheerful for five reasons:

  1. Eating and not exercising, we suffer from poor health.
  2. Most have experienced a major stressful event in the last 2 years.
  3. Comparing our lifestyle to the rich and famous, as well as our Facebook friends who seem to be living large, we feel deprived.
  4. Wages are stagnant. We don’t have enough or save enough.
  5. We work too much, with many not taking all earned vacation.

If you’re unhappy take these 4 steps, daily, for 21 days:

  1. Stop all comparisons! Compare yourself to no one.
  2. List what you are happy about and grateful for.
  3. Set one meaningful goal and take action to achieve it.
  4. Do something that serves others.


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