Feeling restless, not quite satisfied, like something missing or there’s got to be more to work and life than this! You may be ready for a change. Here are four cues that signal it’s time for something new:


  1. You’ve stopped learning and growing. You’re not developing new skills and knowledge, yet you feel an unrelenting inner call to become more so you can do more.
  2. You feel de-energized and disinterested. Bored. Unchallenged. Stagnant. Unenthusiastic. It’s as if your engine is idling, wasting valuable energy, going nowhere.
  3. You’re not aligned with the company’s current direction. A change in direction. New business practices. A values gap. The mismatch is painfully clear.
  4. You’re not using your strengths. You don’t feel valued. You’re not positioned to make the quality of contribution of which you’re feel capable.

What new insights do your responses raise? Are you ready for a change?


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