There comes a moment when you know it’s time to leave the comforts of the familiar and move on. You may be ready to move up to the next level, a lateral into a new functional area to broaden your experience base, a leap into a new industry or company where you can apply your skills, or a move to something entirely different.

Think it through. But don’t overthink it. When your head and heart say, “YES!”   Go for it. A “Yes” from your mind and emotions is a signal that your energy and intentions are in aligned. Thoughts and feelings are the power alliance you need at your back. Then, move with no regrets.

Decide to not look back and wonder, “What if…” Keep looking ahead and moving forward. When you encounter bumps in the road, ask yourself, “What’s this set of circumstances teaching me? What’s my next right action?” Listen for that inner alignment – that “Yes” from your head and heart. When you feel it, move on with no regrets.