5 Simple Tips When You’re Starting Out

Making a good first impression is important when you start a new job. It sets the stage for how others will interact with you long-term. WorkingMother.com’s Emily Green offers these suggestions for standing out in a good way from the very beginning.

  • Dress to impress. Don’t push the limits of the dress code in your first few weeks with clothing that’s inappropriate or outside of company norms.
  • Say yes to lunches and happy hours. It’s a great time to get to know and bond with new co-workers.
  • Ask lots of questions. Write down questions as you go through your day and discuss them with your manager.
  • Get in early. It will increase your productivity, especially if your days are filled with meetings.
  • Don’t come in demanding change. Being a know-it-all will drive a wedge between you and your co-workers. Change might be in order, but give it a few months before introducing anything new.