4 Steps That Will Help You Address Bias Safely

It’s not easy to speak up when someone says or does something that you believe reveals negative bias. Yet, you become complicit in unwanted behavior if you don’t speak up. A recent Harvard Business Review article suggests taking these steps to address bias without offending others.

  • Use C.P.R. – that’s Content, Pattern, Relationship to assess the level of bias. CONTENT bias is a one-time incident. PATTERN bias is a series of incidents. RELATIONSHIP bias is something that impacts your ability to work productively with the person.
  • When you address perceived bias, know your goals. Do you want behavior change, an apology, repentance or some other outcome?
  • State your take. Without being judgmental or accusatory, carefully describe the incident and your concerns.
  • Make it safe. Recognize that we’re all human and flawed. We must help each other, and ourselves, feel safe when dealing with uncomfortable issues.