If you tend to play it safe, not acting until perfection is certain and the probability of failure zero, Dr. Marilyn Tam may rock your world.

The author of How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want, Dr. Tam offers valuable career advice, including one surprising idea.  She encourages BIG mistakes because, to quote her, “Small mistakes are the thoughtless things we all do when we’re not paying attention.”

On the other hand, big, planned, highly organized mistakes are valuable.  Making big mistakes is the occasional byproduct of making big strides. Big mistakes can only occur when you’ve planned and thought things through.

If your carefully laid plan turns out to be a mistake, it may cost you.  But it will also give you exactly the information you need to modify your strategy or change your course. You learn, you adjust, and you come back with a stronger, more impactful strategy that works.

In the long run, big mistakes are the best feedback we ever get. The most successful people in life are those who make the best use of their mistakes.”

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