Work-Life Balance

Creating a satisfying and successful professional and personal life requires active awareness and conscious choices.  What constitutes work-life balance is as unique to each individual as their fingerprint.  Too often, we’re driven by other people’s voices that we carry around in our heads rather than our own internal and unique truth. Those outside influences can create inner conflict that makes it hard for us to stand up for ourselves and follow a course that feeds our Spirit.

Work-life balance becomes less illusive if we can zero in on what makes us genuinely happy, what we’re naturally drawn to, what we can do all day without ever tiring of it.

In order to find your truth, ask yourself these simple questions. What are my values?  What’s most important to me right now?  What are my priorities?  Where do I now want to put my time and attention?  What one step can I take to move in that direction?”

Reflecting on these questions will flip your default switch, clarify who and what comes first and open up the possibility of more constructive choices concerning what you put on your calendar and to do list, and to what you say, “Yes” and “No.”

Life is a continuous series of choices.  Although it seems contrary, choices that make us feel better about our lives are hard to make and even harder to stick to.  Be courageous, solicit support, keep at it, and learn to hear and honor your own inner voice.

Changing the course of your life won’t happen overnight.  It’s an ongoing process that is never too late to start.  Like a famous quote by an unknown source says, “… the only time it’s too late to change yourself is when you’re dead. Until then, you’re simply making excuses or lying to yourself.”

The more the way you use your energy and time aligns with what’s truly most important to you, the more satisfied you’re bound to feel.

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