Congratulations to all the recent, or soon to be, college grads!

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) says hiring of this year’s college grads is expected to be up 9.5% over 2011.  That’s great news!

If you’re a recent grad, or you have one in your life, here are a few quick tips that will provide a competitive edge and make the job search process more fruitful.

  1. Make your job search your full time job. Devote your time to networking, completing applications, sending out or posting resumes, following up on leads, and attending job fairs.  Put in a good days work, every day, as you look for that right opportunity.
  2.  Demonstrate your work ethic by developing a professional resume – one that’s free of errors – and complete the application with care
  3. Do your homework and research the position for which you’re applying, the company and industry.
  4. Make sure your cover letter is well-written and speaks to something specific about the company.
  5. Remember, employers will likely check out your social media presence.  So, if need be, clean up your image.
  6. After each interview, promptly send all interviewers a thank you note and affirm your interest in the position.

Make wherever you land the perfect place for learning and growth.  Take every opportunity to strengthen your competency as an emotionally intelligent human being, and enhance your experience base as a professional.

Good luck!  Enjoy every step of your journey!

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