If you have an employee who takes up more than their fair share of time, a recent Society of Human Resource Management article says you first need to understand why before you can take appropriate steps.

The employee may be insecure or lack the necessary experience to complete the assigned task.  Insecurity can come from low confidence in their ability to do the job, and their constant check-ins are about the need for regular reassurance.  If they’re struggling with something in their personal lives, they might be looking for your counsel.

To address needy employees, you need the right mindset.  Assume they don’t intend to be annoying, and that their requests are out of genuine need.  Provide those who are uncertain or inexperienced with step-by-step instructions they can easily refer to if they get stuck.  Then, schedule follow-ups to cut down on spontaneous interruptions.  For those struggling with personal issues, encourage them to seek support through HR, the employee assistance program, coaching or another resource.