While Business Insider’s list of seven things people who’ve hit success milestones by age 35 have mastered isn’t groundbreaking, little reminders are always helpful, no matter your age.

  • It’s okay to ask for advice. Let go of that fear of not having the answers.  The world is complicated and no one knows everything.  
  • Dedicate time every week to be alone.  It may be hard at first but force yourself until it becomes a craving you must satisfy. 
  • Choose what you dedicate your energy to. Time is not infinite, so decide which fights are worth having. 
  • Never stop learning.  Education doesn’t, and probably never really did, last a lifetime.  
  • Make it a point to leave your comfort zone.  Remember how good it felt that time you achieved something you thought you couldn’t?  
  • Choose to exit that rut you’re stuck in.  Don’t force yourself to stay in a place that brings you down.  
  • Finally, remember:  you can’t please everyone.