It’s challenging for leaders to keep up with industry trends, changes in market forces, as well as workplace dynamics.  Often, executives push their own personal growth needs aside, when that’s the very thing that will yield success.  Lolly Daskal, CEO of Lead from Within, says a coach can support executives in two important ways.

  • Interpersonal skills education, which ensure that the leader’s interpersonal skills toolkit is well stocked.  These skills enable a leader to motivate, inspire and coach their team effectively.  
  • Support for their growth and development.  Leaders also have personal goals that need attention.  Though personal, no doubt, some of these also help keep their team and organization moving in a positive direction.  

Daskal says if you engage a coach, start small with a few actionable items.  In time, you may find that your coach becomes an essential partner who provides good guidance and a clear, objective reality check.