Ever wake up in a foul mood, feeling blah, grumpy, frustrated. You feel off your game, off balance, just not quite your usual self. Such feelings can and do grab hold of the best of us.

Here are a few techniques to try when you need to shake off the nastys:

  • For one thing, you really can just shake…stand up and shake your whole body as if you’re shaking off something that’s landed on your person that doesn’t belong there.
  • You can go for a brisk walk. Engaging your muscles, breathing deeply and getting your heart rate up can help shift your mood.
  • Play some uplifting music. If you feeling like signing along, do it! And, of course, if your feet start to move in rhythmic motions, go with it. Dancing can be a tremendous boost.

Take note: these suggestions all involve physical movement. Moving your body can be key to shifting your mood. And, of course, the better you feel, the more productive you’ll be at work.

  1. Hi Teressa,
    I love your emails and Office Talk. This is a great quick reminder that I often use. My other tool is wonderful scents such as candles or good perfume! You have so much to offer and a great speaking voice. Continued success in all of your endeavors.

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