Every moment of every day, your company’s culture makes itself evident – to those who live and work in and to visitors.

Recently, I was facilitating a large group meeting. Several members of the workforce arrived before management. They milled around for a while, found seats and got comfortable, chatted briefly, scanned their phones for a bit. Then, one of them said to the rest, “The food is out there. Do you think we can eat? Or, will we get in trouble?” Pretty telling! This scenario occurred in a company that’s diligently working to be less top down, less command and control. With consistent effort, and the infusion of new talent, at all levels, real change will occur.

What message is your company’s culture is sending? No matter what the stated values say, notice people’s behavior, and your own, and you’ll have a clear read on the present-day reality of your company’s culture.

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