Happiness researcher, Shawn Achor, says email can make a difference in the quality and length of your life.  No kidding!  He suggests taking two minutes each day to write and send an email to another person – a direct report, a colleague, your boss, a customer, a supplier, a friend or family member – praising or thanking them.  His promise:  you’ll receive an instant emotional boost…  And, Achor says, if you send one email a day, to a different person each day, it could even extend your life.  His claim is research-based and discussed in his writings about happiness.

Why not experiment:  each day, write an email, to a co-worker, customer or loved one, expressing your appreciation or acknowledging some aspect of their greatness.

Of course, if you prefer sharing your words of praise and gratitude voice-to-voice, or face-to-face, even better!


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