Harvard Business Review contributor Michael Watkins says your first steps after starting a new job can determine if you’ll succeed or constantly face uphill battles.  To provide focus and intent, he says to ask yourself these five questions.

  • How will I create value?  Find out what each stakeholder you’re tied to expects you to accomplish and when, and how your progress will be measured.  Know that opinions among stakeholders may vary. 
  • How am I expected to behave?  Organizational cultures have rules – formal and informal – that guard against undesired behavior. Get to know them.
  • What support is critical? This will help you navigate key alliances and understand political undertones.  
  • How will I get some early wins? Early successes create positive momentum.  
  • What skills do I need to develop to excel?  What you know got you here.  Now, it’s important to know what skills will help you thrive in your new role.