Is Your Mature Brand or Field A Turn Off to Young Candidates?

Is your industry having trouble appealing to younger job candidates? Is it difficult to grab attention away from glamorous tech and start-up businesses? As Fast Company’s Bill Taylor writes in the Harvard Business Review, attracting young talent starts when they’re in college.

Young people want to be part of tackling the tough stuff. Here’s one example of an old company taking a new approach. In order to compete with the Apples and Googles, IBM started Extreme Blue. This project gives college-age programmers the chance to work with IBM’s most senior technologists on high-stakes projects.

Taylor says young people want to feel passionate about the work they do. Forget the easy access to beer and video games. They want to see the job itself as exciting, not just the office space. And, unlike previous generations, they don’t want to wait and pay their dues. They want to make a difference today and in ways they can relate to.

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