If you’re a manager, the probability is high that some members of your team have or will experience burnout. According to Gallup, two thirds of people they studied reported burnout to some degree. Here are 5 things Gallup says managers can do about it.

  • Listen to work related problems. Active listening is an effective way managers can support those who report to them.
  • Encourage teamwork. Co-workers can provide additional support for someone who is struggling.
  • Make everyone’s opinion count. Solicit employee ideas and assessments. This leads to ownership, which reduces burnout by restoring a sense of control.
  • Make work purposeful. Connect what each person does to the big picture so they feel they’re working for more than a paycheck.
  • Provide Strengths-based feedback and development. Praise what they do well and connect them to opportunities that maximize their natural talent.

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