Are you brushing up your resume? Wondering what stale or useless information can go? contributor Liz Ryan has some answers.

  • Leave your street address off. Ryan says all you need at the top is your name in larger than average type and your city and state right below in a normal font size.
  • Remove buzzwords that might not be relevant or familiar to hiring manager you’re targeting. For example, if you were in the military, don’t use military terms if you’re applying for a civilian sector job.
  • You can leave out the list of industries in which you’ve also worked. Only hiring managers in those industries will find that information relevant.
  • Avoid over-used phrases like “results-oriented professional” or “motivated self-starter.” Stick to language that tells your unique story.
  • Finally, delete that generic objective that says nothing. Instead, provide a short, powerful summary of who you are and what you plan to do next.

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