Recent articles on looked at employee burnout. Its effects costs companies big dollars and cents. On the surface, it might appear that demand for high productivity is to blame, but according to Gallup, the problem is more about how people are managed.

What are five top things that lead to employee burnout?

  • Unfair treatment: bias, favoritism and mistreatment by coworkers, unfair corporate policies or compensation.
  • Unmanageable workloads: being overwhelmed affects performance and damages confidence.
  • Lack of role clarity: if accountability and expectations are fuzzy, moving targets, employees can become exhausted as they figure out what is expected.
  • Lack of communication and support from their manager: no real confidence that their manager has their back.
  • Finally, unreasonable time pressures, which create a snowball effect as one missed deadline pushes other deadlines back.

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