Being kind to yourself has a ripple effect at work and at home.  It’s how we build up what we need to face the world.  One of my favorite New York Times columnists, Tim Herrera, reached out to experts for ways to treat yourself with kindness in the new year. 

  • Psychotherapist Emily Roberts says Take more time for yourself.  She suggests learning to identify moments when you need solitude to reflect and recharge.  
  • Productivity expert Chris Baily says Take time to do nothing at all.  Then, once rested and refueled, it will take less time to to complete tasks. 
  • Psychology professor Michel Dugas recommends Learning to enjoy thing when they are good.  He encourages us to not steal from current joy by worrying about when the other shoe will drop.  
  • Lastly, accept a complement – even it’s from yourself.  Find the balance between pumping yourself up and acknowledging good work.